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“ My walk and talk sessions with Glenn have greatly impacted and improved my quality of life, On both the personal and professional levels. They have helped me grow as a husband, a father, and a man. I would highly recommend and encourage anyone to join him for a walk and talk.”

— Former Professional Athlete and Sports Analysts

“My weekly walks with Glenn are a critical component of my daily success. Glenn is a trusted advisor, who counsels me through my struggles and helps me set and achieve long term goals.”

— Chief Operating Officer

“Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations”

— Development Comptroller

“I have been doing the walk and talk therapy with Glenn for several years and I have to say that it has been extremely beneficial. To get out in the fresh air and walk and talk stimulates the mind. There's something about the physical activity of walking to get you to thinking and reflecting. This is very unique, and everyone should definitely try it. In addition, Glenn is a wonderful therapist. He is a positive, friendly and warm professional. You feel like someone is really listening to you. Glenn, Also gives very practical and commonsense advice.”

— Global Director

“Glenn's Walk-n-Talk Therapy combined the best of all worlds for me -- exercise, fresh air, a nonjudgmental ear, and a path out of the overwhelming anxiety that I was experiencing after a job change. It eliminated the awkward intensity of the "all eyes on me" feeling in a closed-in therapist's office and provided space to breathe, pause, think and process. Even though you might be out in public sharing very personal thoughts, it feels more like taking a walk with a good friend -- you can share, you can wander off topic, you can be challenged and you can just be quiet. I still think about what I learned because there are interesting visual cues associated with those ideas, which may not have happened in an office. (That said, his office is pretty nice too, if the weather is bad!)”

— Director, Marketing Communications

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