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“Creating Healthy Relationships”

If seven out of ten relationships fail, come and learn what the other three share. This workshop demystifies the belief that luck and/or fate determine the strength of

your most intimate relationships. You can create the relationships that you want with the knowledge and skills that this workshop provides. Don't miss this!


“Conflict Resolution”

No relationship can thrive if anger and conflict are not managed well. Within every problem is a solution. When we effectively solve problems and conflicts, we advance tremendously. Effective conflict resolution requires skill, technique, confidence, and an alternative perspective of the conflict itself, to be managed to its ultimate degree. This workshop can enhance every relationship you have.


“What Can I Do With My Anger”

Don't just 'let off steam'; don't just 'turn down the heat'; learn to 'take the pot off of the stove'. This workshop addresses the common unhealthy uses of anger and

challenges participants to learn to utilize this powerful emotion to learn about themselves and become stronger. Don't get caught in unhealthy patterns. Use

anger in a healthy, powerful way that can actually improve family relationships. Today's family requires this new approach.

“Is It What You're Eating, or What's Eating You”

This workshop targets the unhealthy uses of food and how we are often drawn to that which brings us pain (overeating). The psychology of overeating, the 'why'' we

are overweight must be exposed for lasting results. No weight loss program is complete without this powerful and groundbreaking workshop.


“Communication Skills and Strategies”

This workshop illuminates the most common problems we experience when truly trying to communicate with others. Through self discovery, practice, and skill, we

can begin to communicate effectively and truly understand others. This is the glue to every relationship. We feel utterly abandoned and alone when we are not

understood. Learn to facilitate understanding of self and others through this interactive workshop.


“The Hurried Person Syndrome”

Create more order and less chaos. Today's society is over scheduled, over worked, and over stressed. Get off of the 'treadmill' of this syndrome and learn the skills

necessary to accomplish your goals with ease, grace, and style. The whole family will appreciate it! We can also work with your group to create a customized workshop / training that suits your unique group.

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