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Personal Leadership Development Program (S.Y.M.B.L.)

It is the belief of S.Y.M.B.L. that conflict resolution and the ability to make positive choices play a vital role in the group experience. 


It is believed that the young men involved will be increasingly prepared for the use of critical thinking in their day-to-day lives.

The absence of male/father role modeling is believed to be directly connected to “boys with guns”, daughters having children, acts of anger, and physical violence.


  • Social scientists have made links between the absence of male/father role modeling to the  dropout rate, joblessness and addictions

  • Many young men seek to compensate for their lack of male mentors and connections through gang involvement

  • Many of our clients lack male support, guidance and connection

  • This support group provides male mentoring, emotional support, guidance and empowerment

  • Participation in this group will lead to self- discovery, pride, empowerment and growth

Description of Services

The group follows a twelve-week curriculum although participation in the group is ongoing.  The groups run approximately one and one half hours per session.  The group mentors play a key role with the young men’s participation by strengthening their social, intellectual and behavioral awareness through role modeling. Participants are young men ages twelve to twenty-one.


Purpose & Benefits

S.Y.M.B.L. is a personal leadership development program that has been designed to assist young men in identifying their various roles in life through the development of:


  • Self Pride

  • Motivation

  • Problem Solving

  • Goal Setting

  • Social Awareness

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Understanding their Legal Rights

  • Communication Skills


As a group, we focus on maintaining membership by embracing each member as family, brothers, men and human beings.  The group encourages a safe environment for disclosing personal information between members.

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