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Make the Most of Each Summer Moment with Mindful Fitness

The first day of summer finally arrived, a highly anticipated day here in Chicago, where we're always looking for the slightest sign of warmth. As soon as summer arrives, we swap our boots for flip-flops, our sweatpants for shorts, and find any excuse to get outside.

There are plenty of ways to get out and be fit in nature during the summer months. The added benefit is that going outdoors can help awaken your senses and elicit natural mindfulness. Read ahead to see how.

Take a Walk

Walking or hiking can be a great way to stay fit and healthy in summer. One piece online really hits it home with the relatable title, "Meditation Wasn't for Me Until I Tried It While Hiking."

This title is relatable because so many people believe meditation or mindfulness is hard to access in everyday life. On the contrary, mindfulness is simply being awakened to and in tune with every moment of existence, even while we’re walking.

And it's not a constant epiphany. All you need to do is be aware of the moment you're in...whether it's dreadful or amazing...and rest in the full awareness of wading through all your emotions.

Corey Buhay, the author of the article, "Meditation Wasn't For Me Until I Tried It While Hiking," writes, "I fully believe that regular meditation is an effective tool for millions of people. I also know that there’s great power in being still. But for me, seated meditation seemed to amplify my anxiety rather than reduce it."

This is the gist of mindfulness while walking. You could be taking an epic hike or a brisk walk through your neighborhood. Regardless, when you're walking or hiking, your body is engaged, which may help make your thoughts seem less overwhelming than when you're seated.

Make a Splash

If you live in a climate that makes the water inviting in summer, you know that even walking to the edge of a lake or ocean or river can make you more mindful. As soon as you hear the waves lapping against the shore or feel the salty or sandy breeze on the back of your neck, you're automatically awakened to the fact that opportunities to be mindful surround us every moment.

A 2017 New York Times article shares a quote from Terry Laughlin, who founded Total Immersion Swimming. According to Laughlin, "Swimming can also be an immensely rewarding opportunity to practice mindfulness. By swimming mindfully, we can transform routine lap sessions into an immersive form of moving meditation."

The New York Times piece suggests setting out with a clear and focused attention before swimming. Next, they recommend moving forward by zeroing in on what you feel with each stroke you take.

Make Fitness Fun with Friends

Another way to get zoned into mindfulness is to enjoy summer physical fitness in the form of competitive activities with friends.

The focused nature of competition encourages attention to each moment. Combine that with the camaraderie of playing a game with friends and you've got a natural combination of fun and fitness.

Some fun ways to stay fit with friends this summer include:

  • Beach volleyball

  • Baseball or softball

  • Basketball

  • Hiking or biking with a buddy

  • Going to the gym with a friend

  • Renting a canoe or kayak

  • Dancing at a local concert or music festival

As summer continues...and eventually comes to an end...we should remember the importance of fitness and mindfulness in both mental and physical health. And please, remember to adequately hydrate too!

About Walk-N-Talk™ Therapy

Therapist Glenn Sevier, LCSW, was the trailblazer for Walk and Talk Therapy when he founded Walk-N-Talk™ Therapy in 2003 as an innovative way to assist his high school students to engage in their counseling sessions. After seeing the positive effects it had, Glenn created and incorporated the Walk-N-Talk™Therapy modality into his private practice as an effective method that was welcomed by clients. Since then, the initiative and similar movements have grown to be embraced around the world, offering a promising new way for people to traverse the twists and turns of their mental wellness journey.

For clients, this style of therapy has several benefits. It puts physical and mental distance between the client and their stress-causing environment and it inspires self-awareness, physically and creatively. The nature component is conducive to the client’s lifestyle and opens the senses to the client's natural settings, be it lakefront or forest preserve or city parks and streets. Clients have reported experiencing a sense of calm, clarity, focus and energy following these sessions.

Walk-N-Talk™️ Therapy addresses the following: Mental Health - Anxiety Anger Management or Conduct Disorder Attention Deficit Hpyeractivity Disorder (ADHD) Chemical Dependency Depression Grief and Loss PTSD and Trauma Healing Physical Health - Lower Blood Sugar Lower Cholesterol Lower Blood Pressure * Decrease Stress and Anxiety Authentically Human; Not AI-Generated To learn more about Walk-N-Talk™ Therapy and how it can benefit you, contact Glenn at 773-512-8813 or send an email at [email protected]. You can also check out Glenn's website ( for more details about the physical, emotional and mental effectiveness of this innovative approach.

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